RealGeeks Website Build Development

What is Included and what are the cost options?

Focus Circles

We add 3 custom “focus circles” on your home page to direct users to your most desired pages.  For the first one in this example, new construction, we would build that page.  We recommend a map focus circle that will go to a page with all items in your MLS (or a specific area) in the interactive map view. This example also uses the free market valuation as a magnet.  You can choose whatever you like. Inside the circles we put images custom to you, like the map of your area, or your picture if you want to go do a bio page, etc.  

focus circles for instant attention
neighborhood links area pages

Area Pages

We set up area pages for the cities/towns you want to showcase, or focus your business efforts. The number of area pages depends on the package you select below. Each area page has a text are with a short blurb including a link to all listings for that area on an interactive map and also has the recent listings with pagination. The sidebar will have links to all of your area pages. 

Market Reports Pages

We develop a REAL TIME market report page for all cities / towns for which you have an area / neighborhood page.  We also include links to all market report pages in your side bar near the area / neighborhood links.  These pages are very exciting for the information they provide, and are excellent landing pages to use in your advertising.  For example, a Facebook ad going to people in Tacoma could say “Find out the average time a house is on the market in Tacoma and the average price”. Link the ad directly to the market report page which can capture the person’s information.

market report realgeeks
lifestyle options pages

Lifestyle Options Pages

We set up customized pages with properties that meet certain lifestyle options that you would like to focus on for your area. The number of lifestyle pages depends on the package you select below.  Each page has a text area with a short blurb including a link to all relevant listings with pagination for that lifestyle search. The sidebar will have links to all of your area pages. 

Face or Icon on Your Tab

A ‘favicon’ will be rendered from any image you like, and it will show up on the tab for your page in any browser.  Users today have many pages (tabs) loaded at once, this helps them find your tab right away. Just send us your picture or logo, or icon, or we can even just make a big red square that will be easy to find.

browser Tabs
Interactive search widget

Interactive Search Widget

We install a map of your area in the sidebar named “Interactive Search Widget”  This function is a very powerful function of your RealGeeks site, so this will remind users to take benefit of it often.  Clicking the image will show all listings in your  MLS feed, or we can customize it to show whatever regions you desire.

Add Custom Widget (s)

You may add additional customized widgets to your sidebar.  This example recommends a specific mortgage company, which links to a page with a view of the pdf file from the mortgage company.  You may also want your photo and info linking to your bio, or whatever you think is important for your users to see regularly. Just give us an idea of what you want.

Bronze Plan

Hit The Ground Running
$399 / one-time
  • All Features Noted Above
  • 1 Agent Page
  • 6 Area / Neighborhood Pages
  • 6 Market Reports / Landing Pages
  • 1 Custom Widget for Sidebar

Silver Plan

More Content for More Traffic
$649 / one time
  • All Features Noted Above
  • 4 Agent Pages
  • 16 Area / Neighborhood Pages
  • 16 Market Reports / Landing Pages
  • 2 Custom Widgets for Sidebar

Gold Plan

Maximum Potential
$949 / one-time
  • All Features Noted Above
  • 7 Agent Pages
  • 42 Area Pages
  • 42 Market Reports / Landing Pages
  • 3 Custom Widgets for Sidebar

- Payment via Paypal or Credit Card Merchant Account
- We will contact you within 24 hours with next steps and information neded, we can also have a discussion via phone.
- Questions? Email