Welcome to our Realtor Back Office website, sponsored by Health Vision of Cary, North Carolina.

We have been in business for over 35 years now, with many happy customers and nice press coverage.  The mission of this site is to make real estate agents’ lives less stressful while increasing their sales. Our services include premiere technical support for your own web presence, online marketing support, as well as software to make you more efficient and productive.

Today having an online presence and tools to draw in clients gives you a leading edge.  However, it takes a lot of time and realtors becoming ‘techies’ in order to use the numerous online tools.  Then along comes Realgeeks.com with a very powerful solution using your own MLS search engine for a very low monthly cost. However, with that comes  a lot of work required from the real estate office to set everything up in a CMS and do it in a way that will be a draw and usable by people coming to your site.  Right!!  Do you want to be a techie or make mass commissions selling real estate!  You will make a LOT more money focusing on real estate.

Since we are in a virtual world now, so just think of us as your ‘back office’ to handle all of that tedious work.  You will have a site you are proud of for very little investment compared to what your monthly costs are annualy.  Let the people who have been doing CMS work for years to do it quickly and efficiently – us!  And if you want whatever custom work done, we can handle it affordably. Because quite frankly we have found most ‘web work’ is being done at very high costs, and not done very well. You’ve heard the horror stories, or maybe you are one right now.

In addition to doing RealGeeks site setup and building it out properly, we have some relevant SaaS software offerings to make you more productive, and we can also host your videos on your own streaming TV channel.  Sit beside the Netflix icon on the Smart TV and host your virtual tours, open houses, and company videos.  This back office of yours will be a Godsend to you if you just give us a try.

The software for sale falls under the umbrella of “SaaS (Software as a Service”) offerings which are subscription licenses (monthly, annually, or lifetime) to a web-based application that is used easily from any web browser on any computer.  Nothing to install, and you never have to worry about updates.  We can sell these offerings on various sites custom-tailored to the audience.  In the case of this Realtor support, most all offerings are for a license that never expires!  Pay once and done.

Our technical support for improving your web presence or online advertising is sold in specific packages.  Some of our work is done through ongoing retainer contracts for efforts such as IT consulting,  technical support, web development, advertising programs, and more. It all depends on your own expertise and your needs.

We can even give your office or clients a presence on streaming TV through development streaming TV channels on Roku TV, Apple TV, or Prime Fire TV Video.  All of this happens from our one central SaaS video distribution and syndication system.  

If you have any questions or comments about our channels, just submit a ticket at https://healthvison.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new .

We guarantee all of our software products and stand behind them every time.

Thank you!

Realtor Back Office Health Vision Support Team