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Recent RealGeeks Site Project offers realtors the absolute best and most cost-effective MLS Website and CRM! We build it for YOU.

We Build Out Your RG Site

Even though the RealGeeks Real Estate site solution (like the one above) is the finest, it is comprehensive and requires a lot of time to get it up and running, assuming you are somewhat technical. Realtors should not be wasting time learning how to build their website in a content management system like RealGeeks or WordPress.  Leave the tedious hair pulling development to the professionals while you relax or work with clients on closing deals.  Stress DOWN, commissions UP!

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SaaS Software Solutions

We offer several lifetime subscription SaaS software offerings which can benefit real estate agents and brokerages: Text or email online business cards to announce your site and everyone will have it permanently on your phone. Monitor your sites and email and get a text or phone call when they are down.  Integrate an online appointment scheduling system with reminders and blockouts where contacts can schedule an open time.  Contact the hottest social influencers to promote for you or sell them an expensive house. A business database with phone and emails.  If you purchase the RealGeeks Site development, you get 3 of any of the software licenses as a bonus!

Get on TV!

In the new world of virtual open houses, and virtual home walkthroughs people have found them to be highly efficient and productive.  And the result is more potential clients are engaging to see what is being offered.  We own, which is dedicated to getting you or your brokerage their own SmartTV Streaming channel.  Tell your clients to use the search on their TV to find your channel, and there it will be every day along with Netflix, Sling, ABC, Prime, and all the rest. We can upload existing videos from YouTube, etc, and new videos taken, even simply from your phone, can be uploaded to your channel to be available real time.  Supported  are Smart TV Roku , Apple TV and Amazon Prime.  The credibility of telling clients you have your own TV channel to look at selected properties alone is worth the investment. If you purchase this you get 3 of any of the software licenses as a bonus!

Get yourself on TV

The Best Experience - Meet the Team

Jeannie - owns the business with 30 years of experience in marketing including one of the fastest growing companies in America, and the development and promotion of Real Estate guides - Sellers Resource Guide, Community Directories and Residents Relocation Guide for American Homes.

Donn - was IBM Webmaster overseeing 4000 applications and Product owner of 'IBM Crown Jewel' applications, retired from IBM after 42 years but is still working the web. Has been managing and doing web development and Internet Marketing since the beginning of the web, both inside and outside of IBM. Citations include Bloomberg News, USA Today, NY Times, Neilson Norman Group, USPTO US Patent Trademarks Office etc.

Jay - Executive Project Manager Development and uber coder.

Shane - Technical Specialist

Extensive Technical Staff to support development and operations.

Some of the activities which may be involved with the RealGeeks Real Estate site setup and development:

  • Can get a Basic RealGeeks site up and running quickly, and can also expand the site as much as desired including..
  • Extras like Domain DNS set up, Homepage customization with 3 or more focus circles/objects, optional custom CSS, your picture posted on tab favicon.
  • RealGeeks back end work including building separate landing pages (ad targets), area/city/neighborhood listings pages,  lifestyle options listings pages, Market Report Pages, and other content pages/links to draw traffic. 
  • Customization of the right sidebar, theme color customization, menu/navigation bar links (for new pages added), footer changes, add secondary header and footer, unique content production, and CRM backend help as required.
  • Custom CSS code / pages as required.
  • SEO will be added on each page with page metatags, keyword fields including long-tail keywords, and titles with keywords. Also, original content is recommended for SEO and can be developed.  
  • CRM backend help as required.
  • Help with strategy in marketing your website, and can help set up those marketing systems set up as well.  Facebook Business Page development.  Direct Email Marketing.  Best overall options to quickly get people to your site and searching and registered are: Facebook and Google/YouTube advertising, 
  • Optional development of your own Smart TV Channel app if you want to advertise listings or do virtual open houses on Streaming TV.
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